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Full House Interior

Dreaming to cherish the incredible beauty of your space? We understand every emotion which relates to your own place. Our team is fabricating your journey of making your house to a home. We have achieved the calibre of constructing some amazing patterns of interior scenery.

You can rely on our lavish service of the full house interior. Our team of leading interior designers is capable enough to perform wonders in the phase of interior designing. Houseberries Interior is nothing less than a sorted destination for receiving all types of interior designing services.

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Interior Design Services By Houseberries
House Designed By Houseberries

Modular Kitchen

Cooking is an incomparable pleasure. Your food deserves to be cooked in the best possible place. Houseberries is anxiously waiting to make it truly elegant for you. If you are in search of an interior designing company which is holding the ability to form your unmatchable kitchen then reach us at the moment.

We are delivering the services of making modular kitchen including customized solutions. Equipped with all trending kitchen facilities. Houseberries is there to craft magnificent modular kitchens for you.

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Kitchen Design by Houseberries
Modular Kitchen By Houseberries

Master Bedroom

After a long hectic day, everyone wants to rest in a ravishing bedroom. Your master bedroom is not just a part of your home but it is the corner where your purest emotions lie. If your bedroom carries the same space in your heart then contact Houseberries at your earliest. We are allocating the service of designing master bedrooms for all of you.

Placing the perfect patterns of our creativity and making the space-saving plans for your Master Bedroom, Houseberries is your destination of receiving amazing interior designing options.

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Master Bedroom Interior Design By Houseberries
Modern Bedroom Design By Houseberries
Urban Beedroom Interior By Houseberries

Living Room

As the name signifies, Living Room sums up a lot of your life. By providing a private space it contributes equally to cherish every memory of your life. If you want your living room to stand out then-Houseberries is your kind of Interior Design address. We execute the designing of your living room in such a way that it manages to build a separate corner in your heart.

Take the next generation decision for designing your Living Room with us. Let our experience show its miracle. We also offer all types of customized living room designing solutions for you.

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Customised Living Room Design by Houseberries Bangalore
Modern Living Room Interior Design by Houseberries Bangalore

Dining Room

Dining Room reconciles the togetherness of a family. As it’s the only place where the whole family dines together after getting rid of the hectic schedule. This is the reason why it is essential to design it aesthetically. Houseberries is serving the leading dining room designs for you. Let's dine with distinction at your home. Your dining room must reflect with your affection.

Enter the world of grace with our dining room design solutions. Choose us for creating your dining room unexpectedly specially for you. We are providing these services at unbelievably low prices. Highlight your dining happiness with us right now.

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Dinning Room By Houseberries Interiors
Family Dining Room By Houseberries Bangalore

Kids Bedroom

Want to simplify the everlasting happiness of your kids? You need to start it with their bedroom. Win their hearts by getting it designed wonderfully. Yes, Houseberries knows what fascinates the kids most. Apart from that, we are also forwarding customized kids bedroom designing options for your little love.

Make sure that you are going to take advantage of our commendable designing skills. We keep in mind every little requirement for your kid while designing the best bedrooms for them. Contact us design the little castle of your kid.

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Kids Bedroom By Houseberries
Children's Bedroom By Houseberries


Bathing is a unique kind of relaxation. Now you have the option of giving a royal touch even to your bathroom. Starting from bath faucets to the bathroom floor to astonishing walls, Houseberries Interior Services is there to chase your satisfaction.

A great team of talented interior designers and the countless designing ideas are what fixes our credibility. You will not be able to receive such quality bathroom designs anywhere else. Stop wasting even a second of your precious time and contact us with no delays.

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Bathroom Design Concept By Houseberries
Modern Bathroom Design Concept By Houseberries

Study Room

The study room is the only place in your home which holds the next level of peace. Be it about your future or your hobby, study room plays an implausible role in your life. Houseberries Interior services are there to make it more effective for you.

If you are looking for a reliable interior designing company then initiate contact with our team now. We are ready to invest our efforts in making your study room simply a favourite place in your home. Untie the boundaries of reading with us and get your study room designed like never before.

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Urban Study Room By Houseberries
Full House Interior
Modular Kitchen
Master Bedroom
Living Room
Dining Room
Kids Bedroom

Houseberries Solutions

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  • Home Deep Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Sofa Mattress Cleaning
  • Chimney Cleaning
  • Water Tank Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Pest Control
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  • Full House Deep Cleaning
  • Full House With Sofa Set Cleaning
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  • Bathroom Deep Cleaning
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  • Carpet Cleaning
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  • Sofa Cleaning(Fabric)
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Chimney Cleaning
  • Over Head Cleaning
  • Sump Cleaning
  • Interior Wall Painting
  • Exterior Wall Painting
  • Metal Painting
  • Wood Polish
  • General Pest Control
  • Cockroach Control Control
  • Ant Control
  • Termite Control
  • Bed Bugs Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Rodent Control

Full House Deep Cleaning

Are you done with the dust of your floor, windows and doors? In case if you are not able to find enough time to go through a deep cleaning session for your place, Houseberries home services are there for you. Yes, now it is really quick to attend the procedure of full home deep cleaning. All you need to do is simply contact us. We would perform the superlative task of full home deep clean for you.

Our Service includes cleaning Electric Fixtures, Windows, Grill, Curtains, Bathroom Cleaning, Sofa Dry Vacuuming, Balcony Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Carpet Vacuuming.

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Full House With Sofa Set

Willing to get rid of thick layers of dust from your sofa sets along with full home deep cleaning? Just a usual attempt of cleaning is not enough for your sofa sets. Take the decision of reaching Houseberries for receiving the services of Full Home deep Cleaning with Sofa Set Shampoo/Cleaning.

Our leading service under this category includes shampooing of Sofa (Upto 5 seats) Electric Fixtures, Windows, Grill, Curtains, Bathroom Cleaning, Sofa Dry Vacuuming, Balcony Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Carpet Vacuuming. All these activities are done by experts by making use of professional equipment.

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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchen is the most important section of your home. It is extremely essential to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen. We understand that it tends to be challenging to manage the burden of job and home together. But you can relax now as Houseberries is ready to do the session of deep kitchen cleaning for you.

We have a big team of kitchen cleaning experts. More than that we prefer to make use of professional cleaning equipment. Our chief kitchen deep cleaning service includes Sink Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Gas Stove Cleaning, Shelf Cleaning, Exhaust fan Cleaning.

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Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Bathroom keeps your body clean but what you are doing in return for your bathroom? It's your responsibility to keep this room clean as well. If you are running short of time then Houseberries is your permanent solution for Bathroom Deep Cleaning. You can initiate contact with us. Our cleaning experts are well trained and try to finish every task in a quick round. Our integral bathroom cleaning services include:

  • Disinfection and cleaning of Water Closet and Wash Basin
  • Cleaning of all Bathroom fittings, Exhaust Fans and Geyser
  • Cleaning of Mirrors, windows and doors
  • Cleaning of entire bathroom floor and tiles

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Floor Scrubbing & Polishing

You must have seen several commercials of acids which guarantees the perfect cleaning of your floors. But guess what? This casual cleaning does not make your floor shiny and fully clean. It’s time to take an advanced move. Get in touch with us for assigning the task of floor Scrubbing and Polishing. We follow the mechanical aspects of floor cleaning. Moreover, all cleaning experts are trained. For the section of floor scrubbing and polishing, we deliver below-mentioned services

  • Cleaning and Scrubbing of Floor
  • Granite Floor polish, Marble Floor polish, Mosaic Floor polish

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Carpet Cleaning

There is no doubt that the presence of carpet adds on the beauty of your space. But just the placement of a carpet is not senseful, its cleanliness is also equally significant. We understand that cleaning a carpet is not at all a convenient job. We are allocating carpet cleaning services for you. Our long experience in the same field has made us masters of carpet cleaning. We utilize all kind of professional cleaning techniques. Our primary services in Carpet cleaning are:

  • Wet shampooing and vacuuming of the carpet
  • Complete dry vacuuming and cleaning of corners and skirtings

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Sofa Cleaning (Leather)

The sofa is an integral element of your living room. It needs to be terrifically clean. Especially if you are owning a sofa set which is made up of Leather material then the cleaning process requires to be more magnified. Houseberries is capable to take right care of your precious Leather Sofa Sets while doing the task of sofa cleaning.

Contact us with no delay and let your sofa set leave a good impact on your guests. We completed our cleaning activity by best cleaning solutions and vacuuming of the Sofa. Houseberries makes the use of the latest cleaning equipment while performing the process of Leather Sofa Cleaning.

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Sofa Cleaning (Fabric)

Are you getting messed up because of recurring dirt on your lavish sofa sets? You need to accept the fact that the basic dusting is not the solution for your sofa set which is made up of fabric material. There is a necessity of getting it cleaned professionally. Houseberries is taking forward the services of Sofa Cleaning (Fabric). We are owning a proficient team of cleaners. Apart from that, we adopt professional cleaning tactics. Our appreciable services on the section of Sofa Cleaning (Fabric) are:

  • Wet shampooing and vacuuming of Sofa
  • Manual scrubbing and bruising of the stained area

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Mattress Cleaning

We all know that Mattress composes the scope of our comfy sleep. But, have you ever thought about the essentiality of cleaning your Mattress? We would like to tell you that it is necessary to ensure the immense cleanliness of your mattress. HouseBerries home services are adding on to your convenience by giving the option of mattress cleaning. We are having a compatible team of trained professionals. Our eminent services under the phase of Mattress cleaning are as follows:

  • Wet shampooing and vacuuming of mattress
  • Manual scrubbing and bruising of the stained area

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Chimney Cleaning

The team of cleaners that we have at Houseberries, holds years of experience in chimney cleaning as well. We provide a large variety of services to you whether it is related to cleaning and rinsing of the chimney or fixing any other kind of issues in it. The process involves the removal of all the dirt, slugs, oil stains not by ordinary methods but using professional equipment and solutions to give it a whole new life.

With our expert cleaners who are professional in the leaning of chimney body and glass, you can rely on us for best ever cleaning services.

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Overhead Tank Cleaning

Tank cleaning is one of the most complex cleanings tasks for household or wherever it is required. Reason being, it requires quite an arrangements to make the cleaning done in a proper way. But, nothing to worry. Our wide range of services also includes overhead tank cleaning which ranges from the general cleaning of outside tank body to inside cleaning of the tank after properly emptying it.

You can stay assured of results with our expert cleaners and trustworthy cleaning processes that are dealt with professional equipment to serve you with the best ever services.

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Sump Cleaning

Done with the same monotonous cleaning methods for sump cleaning? Well, it's time to upgrade your cleaning methods especially when it comes to handling tasks like sump cleaning with the top-class cleaning methods by us, at Houseberries. We make sure to perform all cleaning services by cleaning the inside portion of the tank, using the latest and professional machines and equipment that always give the most perfect results.

Try our whole new range of sump cleaning services where all the cleaning work is done with entirely professional equipment and eco-friendly cleaners.

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Interior Wall Painting

Interior Wall Painting is another really crucial task while handling all the cleaning work at a time requires work to be done with all the precision in such a way that no stone is left unturned to make the walls of your interiors look perfect. Keeping the same thing in mind, we have a team of expert professionals who give expert consultation service and guidance on colours and type of paint that should be applied as per your requirement.

The whole process includes professionals execution of the task that gives perfect connection to your space.

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Exterior Wall Painting

Just the way we are an expert in interior wall painting, we also have a team of experienced and skilled workers who believe in giving their best every time they are handed over a task. We provide you with expert consultation service and guide you on each and every step ranging from the colour and type of paint that perfectly suits the requirements of your exteriors.

Also, get your work done by using top-quality equipment and materials which makes sure that the work is being done without making any kind of compromise in the quality.

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Metal Painting

Apart from lending our services in case of exterior wall paintings and interior wall paintings, we also provide quality services when it comes to metal paint. You can easily rely on us to get any kind of metal painted be it your railings or lifts, the way you want it to get. Our quality service and the finishing touch that is left after the work is done is what makes our quality speak for our work.

Apart from this, we also have a team of experienced and expert consultants who can guide you along with all the things that should be done here.

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Wood Polish

Our range of services are not just limited to interior and exterior wall painting or just metal painting, but we also offer other categories of services like wood polish at the most reasonable prices. Plus, we always make sure to provide the most efficient service without leaving any kind of loopholes in it.

During the whole process, you can consult with our experts to know everything in relation to this and efficient enough to guide you throughout the work process. We use top-quality equipment and instruments while making sure that work is done with the best precision.

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General Pest Control

Houseberries general pest control provides services for many different pests that have been continuously destroying your place and harming your health. We completely understand how problematic it gets every time pests attack your area!

But, nothing to worry as we are here to help you to get rid of these pests with our general pest control services. We provide expert residential pest control services, at the most affordable prices.

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Cockroach Control

Just the way we hold expertise in general pest control methods, we also provide the best formula based treatment solutions for your premises for cockroach control. The whole control process is well treated by our expert operators who hold years of experience in pest control arena and can easily make the situation better for you. Plus, you also get expert consultation from our expert and trained professionals who can easily guide you throughout the whole process of cleaning.

So, if you are done with the budding nuisance by cockroaches in your premises then you should definitely contact us today.

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Ant Control

However, this does not sound that big problem but it actually becomes intolerable once the limit is exceeded. The situation becomes even more problematic when it gets even more frequent. So, in such a situation you definitely need expert solutions for this problem and that is the reason why we are here. With our best ever treatment based on expert formulas, get your premises rid of this problem as we are an expert in pest control services.

Secure your place with the latest technology and formula based techniques and ensure a healthy and completely hygienic environment for your premises.

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Termite Control

We are known for the best termite control based treatments that is well equipped with the latest technology and upgraded systems to make sure that the work is being done with all the precision and just in the way the requirement needs. Be it on a large scale or the smallest one we can easily deal with each and every kind of situation as far as termite control systems are concerned.

So, you should definitely rely on our services to completely get rid of all the termite problems that you must be facing at your commercial or own property.

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Bed Bugs Control

Even on a smaller level, bed bugs can cause severe damage not just to your home's hygiene but to your personal hygiene as well. Our trained and professional staff can easily help you out in this situation as it knows how to deal with a complete inspection, identification and getting rid of bed bugs.

Frequent pest control operations can actually help in working out well with the situation. You can definitely depend on our expert and trained professionals for their valuable services. You can book with us and get assured of our Bed Bug Control services.

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Mosquito Control

This is one problem that is faced by almost every individual no matter if you are a homemaker or a working professional. Initially, things may look like normal but as the situation gets worse, it invites a lot of health-related problems with it. So, it gets even more important to take proper steps on time and the only possible solution to this problem is mosquito control.

So, to get rid of these problems you can call us and our expert and trained professionals will reach out to your place and fix this problem with the utmost efficiency and perfection.

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Rodent Control

This is another major danger faced by almost everyone around us as the special threat is on the foodstuff. It is important to keep your surrounding rodent-free and to make it a reality, it is really important to have a complete and efficient rodent control system. So, here we are at Houseberries to help you out with all the rodent problems that must have been constantly creating huge nuisance in your area.

Nothing to worry, feel free to contact our team anytime and our expert and trained professionals will instantly get in touch with you.

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